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 We will make you change your Modus Operandi
What we do
You can no longer afford having a presence on the Net that simply serves as a high-tech calling card. Gone are the days when a graphic artist with a few images would fill in your business's needs. In order for your business to survive in the world of e-commerce, you need a Web Site or an Intranet / Extranet that is customized to your business needs. Your Web Site should allow you to market your goods and services over the Internet as well as your organization, and maintain a outstanding relationship with your customers and your partners.

 E-Modus, building cost effective, modular e-solutions for people ! 

Our challenge is not just about building Web Sites, it's about building your image and business.


A business or personal web site is an invaluable investment. A presence on the Internet means worldwide advertising and visibility at a fraction of the cost  of traditional medias and offers the potential to reach millions of people 24 hours a day. And most importantly, the potential to generate additional business and revenue is phenomenal. The Web will soon become even more beneficial to businesses that depend upon local clients to generate their revenue. People will begin comparing prices of goods and services like cars, houses, travel packages, or anything else you can think of  before even going out for shopping; they will begin making dinner reservations at their favorite restaurants; buying entertainment, cars, clothing, household appliances, food, etc. Does it sound an utopia for you ? Be careful, we are already there !

Intranet / Extranet

By using the same web technologies within the limit of your own organization, Intranet is an outstanding mechanism for integrating people, processes and information. You can start building your own Intranet in some kind of chaotic manner.  However, at some points, you will need to better control your Intranet since you cannot afford an information chaos. We have gained considerable experience within the Intranet / Extranet arena and we can help you re-assessing your strategy.